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摘要:英语知识点答疑之阅读理解新题型解析 ——07年研究生入学考试英语新题型实例解析 Directions: You are going to read a list of headings and a text about whatparents are supposed to do to guide their children




  You are going to read a list of headings and a text about what parents are supposed to do to guide their children into adulthood. Choose a heading from the list A—G that best fits the meaning of each numbered part of the text (41~45).The first and last paragraphs of the text are not numbered. There are two extra headings that you do not need to use. Mark your answers on ANSWER SHEET 1.

  A. Set a Good Example for Your Kids

  B. Build You Kids’ Work Skills

  C. Place Time Limits on Leisure Activities

  D. Talk about the Future on a Regular Basis

  E. Help Kids Develop Coping Strategies

  F. Help Your Kids Figure Out Who They Are

  G. Build Your Kids’ Sense of Responsibility

  How Can a Parent Help?

  Mothers and fathers can do a lot to ensure a safe landing in early adulthood for their kids. Even if a job’s starting salary seems too small to satisfy an emerging adult’s need for rapid content, the transition from school to work can be less of a setback if the start-up adult is ready for the move. Here are a few measures, drawn from my book Ready or Not, Here Life Comes, that parents can take to prevent what I call “work-life unreadiness”:


  You can start this process when they are 11 or 12. Periodically review their emerging strengths and weaknesses with them and work together on any shortcomings, like difficulty, in communicating well or collaborating. Also, identify the kinds of interests they keep coming back to, as these offer clues to the careers that will fit them best.


  Kids need a range of authentic role models—as opposed to members of their clique, pop stars and vaunted athletes. Have regular dinner-table discussions about people the family knows and how they got where they are. Discuss the joys and downsides of your own carcer and encourage your kids to form some ideas about their own future. When asked what they want to do, they should be discouraged from saying “I have no idea.” They can change their minds 200 times, but having only a foggy view of the future is of little good.


  Teachers are responsible for teaching kids how to learn; parents should be responsible for teaching them how to work. Assign responsibilities around the house and make sure homework deadlines are met. Encourage teenagers to take a part-time job. Kids need plenty of practice delaying gratification and deploying effective organizational skills, such as managing time and setting priorities.


  Playing video games encourages immediate content. And hours of watching TV shows with caned laughter only teaches kids to process information is passive way. At the same time, listening through earphones to the same monotonous beats for long stretches encourages kids to stay inside their bubble instead of pursuing other endeavors. All these activities can prevent the growth of important communication and thinking skills and make it difficult for kids so develop the kind of sustained concentration they will need for most jobs.


  They should know how to deal with setbacks, stresses and feelings of inadequacy. They should also learn how to solve problems and resolve conflicts, ways to brainstorm and think critically. Discussions at home can help kids practice doing these thins and help them apply these skills to everyday life situations.

  What about the son or daughter who is grown but seems to be struggling and wandering aimlessly through early adulthood? Parents still have a major role to play, but now it is more delicate. They have to be careful not to come across as disappointed in their child. They should exhibit strong interest and respect for whatever interests their fledging adult (as naive or ill conceived as it may seem) while becoming a partner in exploring options for the future. Most of all, these new adults, must feel they are respected and supported by a family that appreciates them.


  第41题:这一题考查的是指代关系,答题的主要线索是you这个单词。这里的you指代孩子的家长,而不外乎是加强家长如何了解自己孩子的优、缺点,然后帮助孩子确定未来的职业生涯。我们要注意到下面的periodically review的表达,这里面没有主语,但我们可以从上下文看出父母是做主语的概念,了解了线索you,我们就应该比较容易的判断出正确的选项。


  第43题:从本段第一句话看多次出现了responsible和responsibility这些相同词根的词,所以有同学就会以为可能要选的是G,但是如果把这一段认真读完的话你会发现,其实这个G是干扰项,在这一段中我们可以发现,homework deadline、organization skills以及managing time和setting priorities这些词汇都反应体现的是工作的技巧,这几组词属于什么呢?我们称之为同一词汇搭配和同一领域的词汇的体现,那么我们选完之后可以判断,正确的答案不外乎就是B。


  第45题:45题主要考查的是逻辑关系,考逻辑关系的题目的基本思路是:一般先描述问题,然后提出问题的的解决方法和对解决方法是否有效的评论,这段话的大意其实可以分为两个部分,第一个部分是前两段,表达青少年应该具备什么样的素质,比如处理问题、解决冲突、头脑风暴乃至批判性思考等这样的一些基本素质;而本段的关键其实是在第二部分,就是最后一句话,也就是他问采用什么样的方法可以锻炼孩子的基本素质,其实也就是家庭性的讨论,discussion at home,从这些问题我们可以归纳出一个具有共同性的特征,都是集体性的问题,什么概念呢?需要处理的这些问题,青少年需要具备的这些素质都要涉及到几个人,而非个体的问题。E选项的最后两个词“coping strategies”(合作协调战略),从这里可以判断45题选择E。


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